How to Identify Vintage Mason Jars

Vintage mason jars can vary in size, shape, color, brand, rarity, and value.  First though, we need to define what a Mason jar is.  A Mason jar is a jar, used in the home to preserve foods such as: fruits, jams, vegetables, meats, pickles and so on. The Mason jar has a threaded top to allow for a threaded band or lid. It was first invented in 1858 by a Philadelphia tinsmith, … [Read more...]

Vintage Mason Jars: The Most Collectible Styles of Canning Jars

The term “Mason Jar” refers specifically to the design of jar invented and patented by John L. Mason in 1858, but to a collector of vintage jars, there are several other jars to watch for. Lightning Jar One of the more common styles of jars is often called the “Lightning Jar,” first designed by Henry William Putnam in 1882. The Lightning jar had a glass lid, a rubber seal, … [Read more...]

Collectors guide to choosing vintage mason jars

So many years ago, mason jars were beneficial in the food preservation process in homes all over the world. However, they died out when other systems of food preservation were introduced like refrigerators and commercial canned foods took over. Over the years however, this method of food preservation has come to life with so many other food manufacturing companies making use of … [Read more...]